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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

Is dying the market for PCs?

Is dying the market for PCs?

They said that PC sales would improve . However, it appears that now, the pc industry is dying. Or at least weakly convulsing on the floor. Because according to data from analyst firms, sales for the last three months just past fell 0.1% over the same period last year, with initial predictions were talking about a growth in the order of 4.4% or 2.1% , in the worst case. As seen, the present case is even worse.

Who do we blame now? First, the global financial situation. Because unlike what shows commercial advertisements on television and news, the scenario at the global level is not doing any good, and must first go to a tour of Greece and Spain to know that there is economic in which ultimately affects sales in many markets.

Moreover, all these markets already have a PC, and while the focus now is to offer attractive replacements, the crisis convinces people that do not really need to change it. Worse, it is assumed that salvation was the emerging markets, where they could have sold many units, however, China’s economy goes slower than expected, as with that of India. And while Brazil shows healthy figures and may even surpass the in sales in the short term, will not be enough to rescue the industry.

What to do? 8 does not seem to be the solution, as their approach to mobile devices with touch screens powered tablets, PCs competition, adding that has not reduced the price of your license for manufacturers, which does not help to which they are recovered. This, in the case that people like the new Microsoft operating system and do well, because if such a failure Windows Vista … then things even worse paint . And no, we do not even mention the ultrabooks as a viable rescue, because they are not .

Link: The PC looks like it’s dying (CNN Money)

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