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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Social Networks |

Is Facebook too encompassing a Flipboard clone?

Is Facebook too encompassing a Flipboard clone?

The saying that “much grasps at too,” and if we think of with this said, beginning to show as true, Facebook tries to cover as many nuances of digital life that fails to materialize in some of these critical functions .

Right now there is no area where more stress than mobile, and certainly this is where Facebook has a mix of large projects with very good results and others not so good, shooting just cataclysmic. We can not forget the brand new Facebook Home , the app that changes your home screen for a list of services Facebook so that when you unlock the handset, you will find news and information about your wall, as well as better integration with Facebook Messenger. This application and its terminal HTC First , it has simply been one of the greatest failures of HTC and Facebook. How could he do so wrong here Facebook when they have literally everything possible talent money can buy?

Facebook has these two sides, the disaster as First and HTC Home HTC or we can not forget Facebook Beacon forth between 2007 and 2008, or even never, ever forget Poke App. then has smash hits like Instagram. Agree, I bought Instagram, but if we look at only a few days, as has been the launch of Instagram with video , we can see the great success of the format, which generated 5 million videos in just 24 hours .

Facebook launched Facebook Messenger as a separate application to create a service that could rival thought maybe with applications like WhatsApp or Line, when in fact you already have this function in the traditional Facebook application. So it seems strange that want to re-create another service that basically wants to redesign the news in your wall.

The rumored service that Facebook is developing would be something like a news reader as it is Flipboard. A simple and easy to use application that allows you to see in a very visual and updated instantly in your news feed.

The problem is not that Facebook developed a bad clone of Flipboard, the problem is that Facebook does not do well the things you can do when you are developing other applications, ie the service that most people use and enjoy as messaging or sharing on your wall is seen in some way affected by focus on other applications.

What Facebook can provide a clone?

If someone had asked this question a few days ago, surely we could all say a resounding “little”. But if there is something with video Instagram should teach us is that Facebook even without an original idea of copying what Twitter has done in Vine, what he has done is improve. It may be trivial to record videos longer seconds and add filters, but it worked and the millions of Instagram users are using it.

Facebook has a great advantage over Flipboard and user base it has. Although it has not worked well at times like on Facebook Home, if you know how to highlight news and how to make them more visible, without forgetting that Facebook has a very good design team that could make this application a new example of how to design a type to app.

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