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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Is what you expected? IDE interface SSD Launched

Is what you expected? IDE interface SSD Launched

We live in the modern world, where we move in car and truck, microwaves generate heat and use SATA and IDE interfaces for connecting our computer hard drives. But wants us back to the past with the launch of Transcend PSD520, which is nothing more nor less than IDE connection.

This will help any computer very old ATA100 or ATA133 interfaces have, and although the latter supports transfer rates up to 133MB/sec, the new SSD can read up to 119 MB / sec and write at 102 MB / sec.

Other than that it should be noted that the unit is composed of flash memory chips SLC (Single-Level Cell), which makes the device less prone to errors, more durable over time, but also much more expensive than MLC, widely used in the current SSD market. This is important to give you an idea of the product will cost when it goes on sale information along with the availability date has not been made public.

Link: Transcend Announces SLC SSD with IDE Interface (Softpedia)

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