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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Internet |

ISPs seek web companies to pay for your content is accessible outside the United States

ISPs seek web companies to pay for your content is accessible outside the United States

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A European proposal sent to the United Nations seeks to tax U.S. companies, content, such as Google, Facebook, Netflix and others, to use the networks of foreign ISPs.

The proposal was written by the Association of operators of European Telecommunications Network (ETNO), a group that represents companies in 35 countries.

European ISPs and telephone companies have long complained about U.S. web companies, since most of the bandwidth is used to enter these contents. The idea is that companies pay proportionately for the traffic they produce and their networks apparently collapsing. The plan is not new: It’s been two years, Telefonica chairman had suggested that Google should pay .

If the idea takes shape from the United Nations, the consequence could be that companies no longer offer their services wherever is expensive to do. This could particularly affect developing countries, where companies are not receiving substantial income, and therefore they would be too expensive to offer their services there. Places that would be outside of the internet, denouncing opponents.

And while large firms may be able to pay, the smaller, new or little income they generate (like Twitter perhaps) would be forced to pay the same, something they would not be possible.

The plan had been kept secret until now, only recently filtered on site WCITLeaks , hoping that now that public discussion is to assess the risks that such a tax would create. It is not known how much to collect the ETNO annually, but analysts assume that the number is in the billions of dollars.

Link: A tax Could U.S. based web sites, leaked docs show (CNET)

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