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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Hardware News |

It is about the launch of the first Atom processor servers

It is about the launch of the first Atom processor servers

According to reports from “sources within the industry”, and there are a couple of names that confirmed the launch of its first servers to come powered by processors, officially marking the entrance to the space Intel low-power servers .

As announced a few months ago ago the SoC implemented for the occasion is based on design. And both Hewlett-Packard and QCT Qantas (Qantas subsidiary) intend to launch a couple of microservers from here to the end of the year.

This new aspect of competition between Intel and ARM has been interesting and perhaps more balanced than in the mobile battle. Mainly, because the segment of low-power ARM servers takes advantage of several years, but rely too heavily on outside manufacturers, which balances the scales. Moreover, one of its weaknesses is precisely the major asset of Intel and Atoms: x86 architecture support.

Some voices believe that the race for the market for low-power servers is just beginning, and it will reach its climax during the next two years.

Atoms headed to server market (Fudzilla)
- Intel Atom processors to server pushing market (Digitimes)

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