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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Internet, Software |

It is confirmed that Flame was created by U.S. and Israel for spying and sabotage Iran

It is confirmed that Flame was created by U.S. and Israel for spying and sabotage Iran

What we suspected all is now confirmed by official sources told The Washington Post: and created the virus to spy and attack Iran’s nuclear facilities as part of their cyber covered in the alleged struggle against Iran’s nuclear program.

Hardly surprising, really: the United States and Israel were behind the virus Stuxnet , which was created to sabotage industrial facilities in Iran , as confirmed by an investigation of The New York Times that here we tell you then.

Why the U.S. and Israel are so determined to declare cyber on Iran? The key is in the Iranian program: Recall that the investigation of The New York Times found that Obama had decided to accelerate the program initiated by his predecessor, George W. Bush, called by the code name “Olympics”, whose goal was to use computer viruses to attack Iran’s uranium program, as Cony told here.

Now according to sources consulted by The Washington Post, and as noted by Kaspersky investigation of which we speak here a few days ago, the ‘DNA’ Flame of the code would Stuxnet , which can be seen that both came from the same organization or that were created as side projects.

However, says the U.S. newspaper, the Flame attack would have been executed unilaterally by Israel, so much so that even would have taken by surprise the Obama administration.

Flame would have been designed to secretly track computer networks in and control equipment from different Iranian officials, leaking confidential information which would later be used by U.S. and Israeli governments in their war crusade against uranium program.

So far neither the U.S. nor the Israeli authorities have declined to comment about the information disclosed by that newspaper … declare something about the cyberwar? Particularly do not think, unless it is to go out and lie to the press, as usual. Like I do not think this is the only viruses that have been created for cyberwar. Do you gamble?

Link: U.S., Israel Developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear Efforts, Officials Say (The Washington Post)

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