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Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Venture |

It is possible to reinvent the wheel … Turning it into a square

It is possible to reinvent the wheel ... Turning it into a square

David Patrick is a enthusiast and inventor of what he claims is the reinvention of the wheel, with a design that ensures that far exceeds the current cylindrical model in speed, stability and grip. According to the inventor, his inspiration “came from a bucket”, and calls his creation the “SharkWheel”.

To create the wheel, Patrick took six modular tubes, connected them in a circle and then folded in such a way that its contours “were a perfect cube.” By throwing the object to the ground noticed that rolled and rolled without stopping easily. “The helix shape was balanced,” explains Patrick.

Patrick turned his design in a series of skateboard for different terrain types and ways to practice the activity, and modular design are faster than the traditional because the sine wave design reduces contact with the ground, which reduces friction.

The only thing that remains now pending with the ‘SharkWheel’ is mass manufacturing, so Patrick turned to to help him raise funds with a goal of $ 10,000, which easily surpassed and now, less than two weeks of the start of the campaign that ends on July 8, and has grossed U.S. $ 46,688.


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