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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Social Networks |

It tests the New York Times Google+ hangouts to convert readers into journalists

It tests the New York Times Google + hangouts to convert readers into journalists

Hangouts, the tool that Google missed the day they decide to terminate another of many attempts to compete with projects that do not pay much attention, became one of the most commonly used for media interviews to convert classical interactions with users and readers.

The has gone one step further with the proposal and from the office in charge of moderating comments and opinions of readers were launched various experimental video that fans can participate in a short but intimate talk with leading public figures of time.

The initiative seeks to NYT readers are part of creating the news as if they were journalists themselves. That is why the conference participants are selected before the hangout.

To launch this proposal, the columnist Nicholas Krystof met with five of hundreds of participants who wanted to join the video conference, where he explained the mode of these interactive interviews an army captain in the United States, a high school student, a graduate, a lawyer and a physicist: “We are experimenting with using Google + Hangout as a way to engage with those who used to call readers and now we want to be spectators and part of the family of l New York Times in all its forms” .

Under this scheme, is scheduled for a “meeting” with Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

Other news organizations have also adopted Google + as a tool to interact with readers, including the news network Al Jazeera, which also uses long format in which viewers of the television signal can be part of the interviews are conducted in-studio guests of the channel.

Link: NYT review team experiments with Google + hangouts (

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