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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Companies |

Italy threatens Apple with new fines for guarantees of their products

Italy threatens Apple with new fines for guarantees of their products

The guarantee that offers its products back to cause problems in Europe : The business of the apple does not end adapted to European laws which provide in many cases, minimum two year warranty with technology products.

This is the case of Italy, in late 2011 Apple fined for “hide” the terms of the guarantees of its products, and now threatens the Cupertino with new fines for the same reason.

As in Spain, the Italians are entitled to two years of free care about the products they buy, so that the authorities of that country have threatened Apple with new fines of up to 300,000 euros if you miss this aspect of the Law Italian.

And is that while Apple was fined in in late 2011 for the same reason, the Cupertino insist on offering their customers a guarantee Italian free for a year and the possibility of extending it to two years upon payment of a share … your assurance system adapted to the Italian law or pay the fine?

The truth that seen what happened also in Spain over the issue of guarantees, the truth is I can not understand how much costs the apple to adapt to the regulations of each country. Sometimes I think that like these war stories of controversy and legal to have more visibility … Or will they get bored designing gadgets and play acting up in court?

Link: Apple threatens Italy with new fines (Portaltic)

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