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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

It’s official: AMD will not cancel their high performance CPUs

It's official: AMD will not cancel their high performance CPUs

In recent days we have had a spate of rumors about AMD, starting with the possible cancellation of CPUs Vishera (rumor denied by AMD itself ), and recently rumors about the possible cancellation of the full line of high-performance microprocessors from AMD Vishera post .

It is noteworthy that the latter rumor began to Donanim Haber in May this year and recently gained momentum thanks to the known detractor of AMD: Obrovsky ( OBR Hardware ).

Given these recent rumors, Legit Reviews contacted AMD, which denied the rumors, and while AMD’s answer usually is “we do not comment on rumors”, this time mentioned that “remain committed to the microprocessor market high performance “.

From the comments we can deduce that keep their release schedule (roadmap), so we microprocessors AMD FX 2nd (Piledriver), 3rd (Steamroller) and 4th generation (Excavator), and who knows what future products after them.

Link: Remains Committed to the AMD CPU Performance Market (Legit Reviews)

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