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Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Science |

It’s official Mermaids do not exist!

It's official Mermaids do not exist!

AARRRGGHH! YYAARRGGHH! So little vermin! The national oceanography United States responded to questions from citizens who wanted to know if mermaids really exist (we include a sketch of those citizens).

It's official Mermaids do not exist! image 2

What is unusual is that the institute would deign to answer such a question, but anyway, I did and said: “Nobody has ever found evidence of the existence of aquatic humanoids.”

In May, the pay TV channel aired a program that apparently talked about the and many believed it, in fact admitted the same channel that used a suggestive title for the transmission, so that thought it was a scientific investigation.

Thanks to the writer Hans Christian Andersen is that the mythical creature had a more romantic idealization through the story (originally a ballet) entitled “The Little Mermaid” which was published in 1837 and thanks to Disney, more pretentious version and a wrong end, it became part of children’s popular culture in the 90′s.

The first stories of mermaids apparently arising in the year 1000 BC that described them as beautiful women with a fish tail but in some cultures, like the British, was described to large horrible monsters who sought to devour the brave sailors.

There you have it, if they had any doubt, there are no sirens, at least there is no scientific evidence that they ever existed.

Link: Confirmed by the U.S. government: no sirens (BBC World)

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