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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Software |

iTunes 11 is now available, with new interface

iTunes 11 is now available, with new interface

finally released its version 11, showing what is probably the largest remodeling interface that received the software from conception. The app can be downloaded via the Mac App Store, while the official website should be updated in a few moments.

The changes point to a cleaner design that stands above all the covers of music albums. It also gives cohesion to the application, trying to get the player, iPod synchronization and the store are more integrated.

System was improved playlist creation, and increased program integration with iCloud. Music, movies and series that have purchased appear in the list, even if you have not downloaded the content on that PC. It also allows you to start watching a movie on any device connected to iCloud, and you continue watching in another. For example, you could see half of the film on an TV and then watch the rest from a Mac, and the film will start where you left off, thanks to iCloud.

The launch of is expected for October, however, Apple delayed it until November, which is about to end.

Link: iTunes 11 finally available for download, features and redesigned interface and Increased Increased iCloud support (The Verge)

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