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Posted by on Jun 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPU workstation exceed 150W

Futurology: Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPU workstation exceed 150W

In early March this year, launched its awaited Romley-EP platform consisting of microprocessors Xeon E5-2600 Series “Sandy Bridge-EP” and the new Intel C600 Series “Panther Point”. Platform aimed at servers and workstations epitomized the E5-2687W with eight cores running at 3.1GHz and a TDP of 150W.

From VR-Zone informs us that future Xeon microprocessors E5-2600 Series V2 (Ivy Bridge-EP) and V3 (Haswell-EP) for servers will remain within the limit of 135W, but his versions for workstations could reach 165 and 180W respectively, a high TDP that may not matter too much to the workstation users eager to have the microprocessor with the best possible performance.

Future microprocessors Ivy Bridge and Haswell-EP-EP will have and 20 threads of processing with its HyperThreading technology, will have a cache of level 3 (L3) of 25MB and will be manufactured with the manufacturing process Tri- Intel’s Gate. All this raw power will be welcomed by users of workstations and servers, using intensive applications, many of which require licensing by number of sockets, so multi-core microprocessors will bring considerable savings compared to using equipment multi-socket.

Although currently unknown Haswell offer performance, according to VR-Zone, 165W TDP will have a frequency close to 3.4GHz (4GHz in Turbo mode) and will yield nearly 40% higher performance far exceeds the additional 10% in terms of TDP (150W vs 165W) compared with the current Xeon E5-2687W.

Desktop users can only dream of a similar configuration, but apparently Intel plans to keep the limit of 130W TDP, so the future Ivy Bridge-E (top of range for desktop LGA 2011) probably has 2 or 4 disabled cores of the 10 with the design featuring Ivy Bridge-EP chip, following the tradition of the existing Sandy Bridge-E .

Link: High End Ivy Bridge and Haswell: Intel to trade TDP for performance (VR-Zone)

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