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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Hardware News |

Ivy Bridge Extreme Edition will arrive the second half of 2013

Ivy Bridge Extreme Edition will arrive the second half of 2013

Currently, the second generation of Sandy Bridge and was surpassed by the third generation Ivy Bridge, in force in the market today. In this is that many users have pointed out that Intel maintains a line of high performance processors for enthusiasts, under the label of Extreme Edition are something like “emblem” of the company.

And with the arrival of Ivy Bridge, came the question of when will be released Extreme Edition CPU architecture such as the Core i7 far-3960X Sandy Bridge is still king of the hill. It turns out that according to information obtained from a leaked Intel planning, Ivy Bridge-E will come out during the second half of 2013, being compatible with the socket lga2011 X79 Express chipset under.

The idea would be to wait for the launch of the architecture after Ivy Bridge, Haswell is, and which already handles some information before you see some of 22nm-E, a new schedule that delays the release of the Extreme Edition. At the moment, and to make the wait more entertaining deck is launching a small update to the Core i7-3960X, with the Core i7-3970X , he simply see increased frequencies slightly, remaining almost the same as its predecessor.

Link: Intel Ivy Bridge Slated for Q3-E-2013 (TechPowerUp)

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