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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Science |

Jacko’s Thriller dance robots to demonstrate synchronization technology

Jacko's Thriller dance robots to demonstrate synchronization technology

Aldebaran Robitcs and equipment Nonlinear System Laboratory at MIT are working on a system of communication and autopairing based on the process of quorum sensing .

The operating mechanism allows the robots to send and receive information between them so that their behavior is synchronized, So you all do the same at the same time. This case is exemplified by the dance song of the late Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

The video starts with robots dancing in unison, when one is separated and removed from the choreography, then it is returned and automatically (communicating with other robots) joins the dance. Other robots down the speed for the robot to reach them and then everything stays in sync.

Obviously the dance is just a demonstration of this technology will be applied rather in other activities, such as in the area of building or factory, in which teams of robots working in sync and when you add a new one simply communicates with others to do the same.

Link: Synchronized Robot Dance to ‘Thriller’ (Time Techland)

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