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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Software |

Jakob Nielsen gives his opinion about Windows 8: “Disappointing”

Jakob Nielsen, by all accounts, is “the king of usability” and “the smartest person on the internet”. This, because of his work in the field of usability, user experience and overall interaction between humans and computers. Now, this character has given its opinion on the new operating system 8, taken from a study done about the new graphical user interface that combines the traditional desktop grids Modern UI.

Starting at the end, the conclusion is not good, because according to Nielsen: “usability in is disappointing for both novice and advanced users,” that after observing the behavior of people to use a Surface tablet RT .

The points that stand out (negatively) are the features hidden behind the minimalist interface, the few chances that the new user discover something useful like a button, causing stress environments have two graphics (and having to remember which of them is what we want), and the sparseness of information on the screen. whole speech about what can be read on a blog , detailing the study.

This forces the user to make more steps than usual when completing a task, such as turning off the computer: In Windows 7 it takes two clicks (start menu, shut down), while in Windows 8, we have to activate the right sidebar, press settings, giving Power and as the fourth step off.

Link: Windows 8 – Disappointing Usability for Both Novice and Power Users (useit)

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