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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Science |

Japan seeks to abandon nuclear power by 2030

Japan seeks to abandon nuclear power by 2030

The Japanese government wants to stop using as one of its main sources to produce electricity and is that after the Fukushima disaster have become aware of the risks that exist, even if nuclear plants are very safe.

From to abandon nuclear power would need to triple its renewable energy sources to achieve more or less what they produced to replace nuclear plants, but it also lead to increase their imports of coal, and oil.

Of course this move welcomed by the Japanese has many enemies, starting with the same Japanese businessmen plant owners and, last but not least, the U.S. government is the one who sells supplies.

Currently all Japan reactors except two are off and wait for a review by the government, as they are proven safe to operate, will be allowed to return to work.

The problem of leaving as “fast” nuclear energy is that electricity costs in the country would skyrocket and increase consumption of fossil fuels that generate more pollution alone. Additional cost to decommission all reactors, which would not come cheap, and Japan at this time does not have the money to do so.

Unfortunately for Japan, its people are very dependent on electricity, in fact, today still suffer blackouts as electricity production is not enough for the whole country. Once again start operating nuclear plants probably many people change their minds and that the service is back to normal, many prefer to save the cost of an energetic shift.

Link: Japan Aims to Abandon Nuclear Power by 2030s (The New York Times)

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