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Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Science |

Japanese astronomers discover the oldest galaxy in the universe (so far)

Japanese astronomers discover the oldest galaxy in the universe (so far)

A team of astronomers discovered the oldest yet seen. The discovery was made at an observatory in by Subaru and Keck telescopes, with similar characteristics to Hubble.

Astronomers estimate that the galaxy would be about 12,910 million light years, as recorded by the publication that made the discovery in the Astrophysical Journal.

A light year is the distance light takes to travel for a year, which translates to about 9.6 trillion miles. Thus, see galaxies so far away is like looking into the past.

Regarding this finding, Richard Ellis, an expert in cosmology and galaxy formation indicated that this work is one of the most compelling findings with respect to other galaxies, since the method used by the Japanese is more accurate and accepted by the field.

2 years ago a French team announced the discovery of a galaxy 13,100 million light years, while in 2011 a group in California reported the discovery of another galaxy 13,200 million light years, where both used to Hubble for this observation, without But for that very reason teams must confirm their successes with other methods.

Moreover, a group of astronomers from Arizona State University who used a in Chile recently reported that they saw a galaxy 13 billion light years or so.

At present it is believed that the theory that the universe originated due because of an explosion, the Big Bang, about 13,700 million years. This explains why astronomers are increasingly using more powerful telescopes in the world to appreciate within this universe.

Link: ‘Oldest galaxy’ discovered using Hawaii telescope (The Guardian)

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