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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Companies, Hardware |

Jeff Bezos Invests $ 30 Million in quantum computing with the CIA

Jeff Bezos Invests $ 30 Million in quantum computing with the CIA

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Besides being the CEO of Amazon, has invested in a series of crazy projects like search engines Apollo 11 , and a robot workers looking clock last 10,000 years .

This week, embarked on a new project in partnership with In-Q-Tel, a company that is part of the CIA, announcing an investment of $ 30 million in D-Wave Systems , a company that develops applications for quantum computing. This is a Canadian company that spent eight years trying to build a quantum computer, an effort that has been viewed with skepticism by many experts.

The processor works in which focuses on solving optimization problems, such as finding the most efficient routes for delivery, or how proteins interact with the atoms of certain drugs.

The company introduced its first system supposedly in 2007, making big announcements that could not meet then, what did you earn criticism and accusations of fraud. However, D-Wave went ahead and in May 2011 published a paper in the journal Nature , which served as the first scientific proof that the chip company had properties of quantum computing. That year the company got its first customer, Lockheed Martin, who signed a contract to investigate a system for detecting bugs in software automatically on highly complex projects.

Not explained in detail exactly how the technology of D-Wave, but apparently has some big names convinced.

If your plans are, some of the most complex computational problems could have a much simpler solution than they have now.

Link: The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing (Technology Review)

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