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Jeff Bezos: The Next rockstar tech industry?

Jeff Bezos: The Next rockstar tech industry?

The technology industry has a long tradition of raising idols. Someone to listen attentively during presentations of new products, to conquer with his words, be able to mount a big show and achieve win the trust of consumers for their loyalty to the brand, making customers today and tomorrow.

Until October 5, 2011, that person was Steve Jobs, now deceased ex-CEO of Apple . This character turned his company into one of the most successful in the world, thanks to his genius when designing products and the power of persuasion to sell for iconic live performances on a stage surrounded by a crowd that applauded with fervor each new ad that had bitten apple behind.

In its place, are there any other characters? Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook, has a controversial profile and criticizing his youth and lack of a stable business model in their company. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, retired from the industry and is now dedicated to philanthropy. His replacement, Steve Ballmer, is the current boss of the company, however, his outgoing personality detracts seriously for the position.

Thus we come to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, American 48-year-old despite being present for almost 20 years in the business, has stayed away from any kind of role. Until now.

The giant Amazon

Which today is one of the leading companies around the technology, began as an online store to sell books, and its main asset the ability to raise large databases of products taking advantage of the flexibility of the Internet, displacing large catalogs made in traditional ink and paper.

The business evolved into a large conglomerate of products and services that Amazon has expanded successfully, always based Internet dependence. The company is number 56 on the list of the largest U.S. market cap, is the retail market of that country number 15 (after giants like Wal-Mart or Target), and the number one internet , with sales over USD $ 48,000 million.

Stresses the sale of all kinds of products through a network, digital books to cooking implements, through a successful online store that accepts payments via credit card and shipped the goods at home, most of the time at no cost to the customer.

In addition, up selling digital books and launched a line of readers with e-ink screen, which under the “Kindle”, have popularized this technology. And do not forget the Amazon Web Services product, hosting platform that hosts the content and traffic of countless web sites around the world, such as Netflix, Dropbox, Betazeta and Foursquare, which depend entirely on Amazon to run.

Creative thinking

Without doubt, the man carries blood technology. A child has been interested in computers, graduating in computers and electronics at the University of Princeton. After that, he worked at the Stock Exchange in New York, where he was the youngest vice president in history in an investment firm.

But that was not enough for him, and in 1994, when Amazon was founded, in a couple of hours wrote on a piece of paper which would be around the business model which is now one of the most successful companies world, leaving their previous employment and profit dedicated to command a place where you can unleash what he imagines will be great products for general consumers.

Obsession with detail

Like Steve Jobs, Bezos cares about every detail about your company, looking to be aware of all the factors affecting the performance of the same, from the biggest decisions, to every word in small press releases Amazon listed.

In this highlights what would become one of its most outstanding skills, which is the ability of micro-management to take, according to a larger plan, to the point that at first glance seem insignificant and that other CEOs do not pay attention, delegating these functions. personally always seeks to ensure that all things are well done.

With a goal in mind

What has characterized the great leaders in every industry, is his determination to propose a working philosophy and stick with it throughout his career. always appealed to create the most innovative products in terms of design and aesthetics, focusing the work of his whole life in that. Jeff Bezos also seems to follow a philosophy very different from Apple, but equally or more successful: selling services.

Amazon’s approach is not to make the biggest profit margins selling devices, but the mentality is to get long term results but stable, and in that, marketing loyalty services that the public is a apronte unusual in the industry, with Apple one of the few companies with iTunes, has been successful in the field.

If successful, the company could be positioned with great profitability and stability valuable assets in a rapidly advancing technology industry, constantly leaving some participants in the road.

Power of persuasion

None of this is useful if Bezos is not able to get on stage in a room full of people and sell what you can create. In this, the 6th of September, the CEO of Amazon gave a flawless show at the launch of a new reader digital books Kindle and Kindle Fire tablets restarted , products shown eloquently in a span of 1 hour 20 minutes where only one person starred: Jeff Bezos.

No middlemen or interruptions, showed he can convince a crowd of journalists, analysts, investors and potential customers that your company is doing well. Trust is a vital element in the technology industry, and waste was something that Steve Jobs did best. But not Jeff Bezos came up short in his latest presentation, demonstrating ability to rise as the replacement player in the position of the media industry.

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