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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Uncategorized |

Jimmy Wales Wikipedia breaks the rules to give the identity of Edward Snowden

Jimmy Wales Wikipedia breaks the rules to give the identity of Edward Snowden

The founder of has not been oblivious to the issue of Edward Snowden, and apparently would be interested in determining if the man has been active as editor of the largest online encyclopedia in the world.

The problem is that one of Wikipedia rules prohibiting such actions. A users and publishers are not allowed to reveal the real identity of a user whose account is used in Wikipedia “, unless it is the same person that does. Otherwise, it is considered something like “harassment”.

But Snowden situation seems sufficient to break the rules. himself brought it to light in a discussion at Wikipedia:

“I’m sure this has been discussed before. In the media and there have been reports of user accounts used by on tech sites. Apparently this is a pretty active on the network, especially a few years ago when I was younger. And it seems very likely that you have edited Wikipedia. Many people who fit their profile (with enough knowledge of technology and network activists) already has. Do we have any evidence or any reason to believe that? “

This attempt to bypass the ban has not been welcomed by all publishers, but Wales defended himself by arguing that there is nothing more than “curious”. Particularly, the Belgian “Fram” and directly opposed to Jimmy Wales, and other editors seem not to be very convinced Jimmy Wales curiosity .

Meanwhile, Russia has no plans to extradite Edward Snowden .

Link: Jimmy Wales Wikipedia breaks rules in hunt for Snowden (Examiner)

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