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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Companies |

John Chambers, CEO of Cisco warns, “if you’re going to compete with us, you’ll miss”

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During the 2013 Partner Summit in that made ​​Cisco’s CEO opened the event talking about market competition and their transitions, remembering a word he mentioned in an interview given to a specialized in February, “the only constant is change, and that do not change are left behind. “

During the opening of the activities, 12 000 business partners who were present listened intently to the words of a Chambers convinced the position of the company leading in the global market: “If you’re going to compete against and its ecosystem, going to lose. “

After this sentence inspiring and full of confidence, the CEO mentioned as an argument, all battles won against industry giants and the debacles of big companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson, and even sincere remembering that two years ago, during this same event, were worried by the advance of HP, Huawei or Avaya and the impact it would have on Cisco, who “also left behind in market share,” he said.

Chambers believes that the IT market is undergoing a transition and distribution channels have to focus on the problems that began to deal since it began the era of cloud computing, providing customers with solutions and hosted services.

For the CEO, the key is “knowing maneuver in times of transition and never lose focus of technological trends” situation in which ensures that both your team and your business partners know very well how to move.

Link: John Chambers, CEO of Cisco: “We are committed to the success of our partners” (DealerWorld)

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