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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Featured, Hardware Articles |

Jose Luis Fernandez of AMD: “There is a world of difference between Intel and AMD integrated graphics”

We had the opportunity to talk with Jose Luis Fernandez, Sr. Field Application Engineer at AMD, who was kind enough to answer all our questions about the recent launch of the Trinity APU in the version as chips for desktops , available from yesterday for motherboards with socket FM2 .

Launch of for desktop

The first thing was consulted about the delay in the launch of Trinity APUs for desktop PCs, whereas its counterpart for notebooks takes several months on the market. While it is unclear the specific reason of the situation, since a number of factors affecting this decision, the explanation appealed to commercial reasons and product planning, since also believes “help partners make the transition from Llano product line “, which ultimately responds to the need to clear old stock of generations before giving way to new, because” technically, Trinity desktop was ready for a while.

AMD’s strategy

Following that, he came to mind us asking whether it was harder to sell in the area of desktop PCs or laptops. “There is a market for both, and a greater diversification in the mobility market, which is growing faster than the desktop,” said Fernandez.

Against this, we wonder if anything was changing approach AMD with its new product strategy, specifically the APU, aside perhaps CPU performance for the enthusiast sector, focusing on chips that integrate CPU + GPU. The answer was an emphatic “no”, adding that “we are facing a change in strategy, as both the second generation as the second generation FX processors share the same core. AMD is not ignoring the enthusiast sector.

The factor Windows 8

AMD gives great importance to the issue of integrated graphics, and wonder if perhaps Windows 8 with its new GUI Modern UI would help boost sales of Trinity APUs. “Beyond Windows 8, today it looks and runs down the graphics. Not many people realize that the jump in performance between spending $ 100 on a video card or spend $ 200 is very large, while in the same year CPU not noticed much in performance. We do focus on the graphics capabilities and user experience, and AMD has always supported Microsoft in the development of new user interfaces. For example, the APU accelerated HTML5 natively Modern UI in Windows 8 “.

Competition: Intel

Another thing that we did not pass by know the opinion of the company compared to its rival, Intel. How is the competition after the launch of the Trinity APU for desktop? Fernandez says: “The difference in CPU performance has no impact on the user experience” and therefore justify the focus on AMD graphics, appealing to better “consumer education” will help them realize that is a platform capable and balanced, that have little to envy to a computer with Intel CPU and dedicated graphics.

And the big question: Integrated Graphics AMD APU or Intel Ivy Bridge? “There is a world of difference between them,” said Jose Luis.

On the low-end graphics

Another question we could answer first source, related to the importance now has video cards in the low-end market, assuming the client prefer to buy an APU with integrated graphics rather than a conventional CPU with a VGA economic .

Fernandez indicated that AMD Dual Graphics technology is key, since “with inexpensive cards can be paired with the graphics use an APU, reaching double the gaming performance.” While acknowledging that “there are models that should retire, most midrange AMD cards-low remain valid through Dual Graphics”.

Market acceptance

We also consult on the success or failure that Trinity APUs have a mobile version specifically for laptops (notebooks). “They’ve had good reception among assemblers. While in Latin America have not come so hard, no equipment, such as Samsung, which are selling very well. HP also entering with three models, and we should see the arrival of an HP ENVY laptop with Trinity APU in our area as early as late October or early November, “concluded Fernandez.

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