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Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Companies |

Judge dismisses the lawsuit against Motorola Apple patents

Judge dismisses the lawsuit against Motorola Apple patents

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For a while Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, Samsung and Google to go stuck in litigation where all argue with each other over alleged patent infringements in the different products that go into the market. However, there are a couple of names that apparently will have to terminate any discussion, as Judge has just dismissed a lawsuit dating back to 2010.

Specifically, for vs. accusing it of violating four of its patents, but after a couple of years of discussion, Judge Posner concluded that neither side had “compelling reasons” to test their arguments, in the same way, they were repeating over and over again, so apparently it was best to leave things for peace. Is the icing on the cake? Posner ruled that, once closed the case, it can not take the court again.

Of course, that clearly favored Motorola out with this determination. The quotes from Posner on the case say that “Apple is complaining that Motorola phones are a full copy of the iPhone”, but really what makes Motorola to offer similar products to compete is a matter “totally legal” so not much room for discussion.

A statement from Motorola, published by The Verge, indicates that they are “very pleased” that eventually dismissed the case, but clarified that in their own patents, continue exercising their right to “defend the innovation.” Anyway, both companies could appeal this decision in the coming days.

Link: Judge blocks Google Apple in smartphone war (Reuters)

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