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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Companies |

Judge questions the existence of the patent system technology

Judge questions the existence of the patent system technology


judge Richard Posner , a prominent American jurist and scholar, known for his defense of fair use (fair use) and to accuse technology companies like Apple of abusing copyright law in dismissing the lawsuit that it brought him to Motorola caused a new controversy by claiming that the current patent system is not necessary for most industries.

That if the judge explained that just as animals use all methods at their disposal to survive in its ecosystem, companies should not be blamed for seeking litigation after litigation accusing each other of violating its Patents because they simply take advantage of the opportunities given system. So what should be done according to Posner is to separate the companies in which a patent is necessary, giving as example the pharmaceutical industry, companies should not use them, as the technology.

His argument is that any innovation in the pharmaceutical industry can cost millions of dollars in research, testing, checking, experiments and eventual production, but in the technology industry, an innovation can be a lot cheaper since this software such as a program that will unlock the phone if a slide bar .

For Posner, this is the origin of the proliferation of patents in any subsequent war between companies which only affects, ultimately, users.

Link: Judge who Threw out Apple, Motorola case if software patents Should questions exist events (

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