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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Companies |

Judge says Google does not comply with the order to disclose their paid bloggers

Judge says Google does not comply with the order to disclose their paid bloggers

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Oracle and documents delivered today denied having paid people to write favorably on businesses during the trial remained patent . However, Judge William Alsup found that the Mountain View company did not comply with what is asked of him.

“The order of August 7 was not limited to authors’ paid … to report or comment ‘or situations’ quid pro quo ‘. Instead, the order was designed to uncover the perpetrators whose sayings about the issues in this case may have been influenced by the receipt of money from Oracle or Google. For example, Oracle reported that a blogger retained as a consultant. Although the was for consulting work, the payment could have influenced the blogger reports on issues of civil action, “said Judge Alsup.

“Google failed to comply with the order of August 7,” he added, indicating that you must re-submit the information – complete this time – on Friday, August 24 at noon.

“Google has implied that pays many commentators to be impossible to list them all. Please just do your best, the impossible is not required. Oracle could. Google can too listing all commentators that Google knows that they have received payments as consultants, contractors, vendors and employees, “said the judge.

Link: Judge: Google did Comply with blogger disclosure order in Oracle trial (ZDNET)

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