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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Internet |

Judgment in favor of continued operation could CUEVANA

Judgment in favor of continued operation could CUEVANA

won one battle to in the legal dispute that face. The Criminal Chamber of the Capital City ruled in favor of the controversial site that allows streaming movies and series, saying that demand for the company must be resolved by the federal Justice of Cordoba.

He accused those responsible for CUEVANA, Tomas Escobar, Mario Cardosio and David Fernandez of violating the intellectual property, releasing the contents without permission and profiting from advertising on the site.

The maids Rodolfo Pociello Argerich, Maria Laura Garrigos of Rebori and Mirta Lopez Gonzalez were not considered competent to solve the case, saying it should be handled by the federal judge in the city of Cordova, Alejandro Sanchez Freytes, and settled there first complaint.

He also dismissed the application for HBO that this case was handled quickly, because “there is no apparent urgency provided for in Article 39 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,” the ruling said.

This does not mean CUEVANA and won it all, the trial will go ahead probably in Cordoba. However, the site can continue to operate smoothly at the moment.

Link: CUEVANA not going (Page 12)

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