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Posted by on Jun 2, 2013 in Companies, Internet |

Julian Assange and his critique of the book “The New Digital Age”: “The authors do not see the monster they are creating”

On the occasion of the recently released book “The New Digital Age”, written by former CEO and Jared Cohen, took the pages of the New York Times to give their opinion on the publication. The truth is that the book has continued to attract attention, especially in a vision where technology will be more integrated into human lives than it is today.

And of course, this view is hardly shared by Assange, who in his column in the New York Times did not leave a puppet head. According to the founder of Wikileaks, the book is nothing more than “very provocative plane technocratic imperialism”. The tone of the authors may sound silly, but it’s done so because it is not a job done only for daily reading, but as a “great statement to strengthen alliances.”

More importantly, Assange believes that the book is nothing more than an attempt by Google to position itself as the only entity able to “dictate U.S. roads.” Not only that, but under the gaze of Assange, Google almost wants to be thick as thieves with the government of the U.S., as if that were not enough, also design and model the lifestyle of the future, making everything look “more progressive and more cool “.

Julian Assange believes that the authors simply “are not able to see the monster of centralization of data that are building”. As an example, mentioned the efforts of Google to that behind every social network has a real name attached. Or the disappearance of privacy, seen as a “good thing” that will enable governments to better respond to the needs of citizens.

Assange’s column focuses on some details that probably many of you will consider interesting (the closeness between Google and the U.S. government, or the transformation of the company from its inception until now), especially because it is contingent issues relating Internet use and hackneyed term.

Link: The Banality of “Do not Be Evil” (NY Times)

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