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Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in Social Networks |

Julian Assange: Facebook is “abominable”

(Cc) West McGowan

founder, Julian Assange, gave an extensive interview to the medium Argentine Page 12 , published this weekend, where the Australian gives his opinions on various topics, including Facebook.

“I think is an abomination and extremely dangerous. Are people putting literally millions of hours of free labor in the service of the CIA. Putting all your friends and relatives in a centralized database that is accessible to U.S. agencies, “he said.

Assange said that “I’m not saying that Facebook is the CIA, I’m saying it’s practically the because it gives access to the material. Very, very dangerous. “

WikiLeaks founder sees more favorably to Twitter, but anyway he said that “the U.S. government or any commercial interest can close any Twitter account or have delivered information. The judicial investigation against us (of a grand jury in Virginia) succeeded Twitter will give our accounts, our archives and files of people who support us. “

Assange insisted that everything that is posted on is being collected by the U.S., and if you are an activist, that can cause problems.

Regarding Latin America, Assange said the region has progressed positively, “but there is one aspect that concerns me and that has to solve, and that is that all communications to Europe, Asia, are made through the U.S. where are intercepted by the National Security Agency, “he said, referring to the wires that connect to the Internet region.

“Even a large percentage of communication between Latin American countries and the U.S. bounce back to the region. This includes a large telephone companies, large ISPs, dollar transfers. It is a serious issue of sovereignty for Latin America, “he said.

Assange remains in Ecuador’s embassy in London , where he applied for political asylum stating that extradition to Sweden for alleged sex crimes is a montage to really take it to the United States, where it could be judged with the death penalty for the leaks made through Wikileaks.

Link: “We have revealed corruption in the media and the hypocrisy of the West” (Page 12)

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