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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Social Networks |

Justin Timberlake and the new MySpace: “It has to further shorten the distance between the artist and the fan”

The new had been in a small teaser released a few months ago , in which he anticipated what’s next for the social network disgrace but trying reborn from its ashes, and with the help of himself. And recently, Timberlake and his associates revealed in society (although strictly speaking, certain selected members of the press) what’s next for MySpace and its new version.

The idea, as you know, is to shorten the distance between the artist and his followers, for that, MySpace points to an even more interconnected between them. Even fans will be room for more fans of an artist, who will be in the category of “Top Fans”, the idea is that the connection or the scope of an artist does not have to be measured by the number of people who follow him into social network, in a clear reference to Twitter:

“I can not speak for everyone, but if you have X amount of followers on Twitter, perhaps it would be better than that number is smaller but knowing exactly being attractive to them at that time, instead of having a lot of scattered comments no relation to each other. And from what I’ve seen, this type of interaction can be achieved thanks to the characteristic of the ‘Top Fans’ “.

Already some time ago, from the nonsense talked MySpace today means trying to compete with Facebook or Twitter. Clearly, by the words of the new owners that the idea is to get away as far as possible from being a social network where even smallest things have their place. “I do not care that MySpace show where I went to get drunk last night, nor would want to put where I am or who I’m writing right now” Timberlake said, in a clear allusion to the use that is given many times Facebook. Instead, MySpace has to serve almost exclusively to show the rest of the work and the evolution of an artist, what this has to offer and deliver today and tomorrow.

Regarding the design, the new MySpace was built completely from scratch, but allowed some of its most characteristic. Through “Discover”, may be finding new bands and who are far from massive traditional seals. The system will be based on recommendations, whether made by the editorial team behind MySpace, or an algorithm that will analyze the connections and usage habits of users.

For now, the revamped MySpace is in testing phase and only available to a few users. For now there is no official release date social network, but would have to be ruled out of hand this year.


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