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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Hardware News |

K200K: The keyboard that promises to replace QWERTY

K200K: The keyboard that promises to replace QWERTY

While there have been many advances that seem to have left the classic become a museum piece of computing hardware, for now the keyboard has refused to die, resisting highlights almost unchanged from its predecessors, typewriters (1870) .

The musician pianist, Krush, claims to have invented a new keyboard to be called (Krush 200 Keyboard), which has a very different design to the classic (could call JVWCBG), a curious two blocs made up 18 each one distributed in 3 rows.

A previous keys are joined by classical and Enter keys (Intro), Shift (upper), Ctrl (control), Menu (Menu), Alt, Caps Look (block capitals), back space (backspace) space bar (bar space) and Windows, as well as includes new among which are: Word (word, allows the execution of custom macros) and Double Shift (fold change, switching between modes: lowercase, uppercase and numbers / symbols).

Its creator says that because of its streamlined distribution, enable experienced typists type in up to 200 characters per minute, which is twice the current estimate of 100 characters per minute.

In short, many attempts have been unsuccessful replace QWERTY, time will tell if finally get it, or if you join the long list of contenders defeated by QWERTY.

Link: Pianist promises to usurp QWERTY keyboards (Bit-Tech)


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