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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Kaspersky asks for help in deciphering the virus Gauss

Kaspersky asks for help in deciphering the virus Gauss

A few days ago, found a called banking espionage that infected a significant number of computers in Lebanon.

One component of Gauss is a “warhead” that is activated encrypted once it finds a specific system configuration. The malware contains a module called “Godel” which contains the encrypted payload, which generates a key to decrypt the content from various specific features. If malware is all you need to create the key successfully installed this secret cargo.

“Despite our best efforts, we have been able to break the encryption,” Kaspersky said today . “We ask anyone interested in cryptology and mathematics to join us in solving the mystery and extract the secret cargo” they said.

On its website reads: “We are leaving all the available information on the cargo waiting for someone to discover their secrets.” It is believed that the virus was created by those who developed Flame and Stuxnet , ie by country (probably the U.S. and Israel), so this is a complex issue.

Gauss has been detected in 2,500 computers, most in Lebanon and believed that its purpose may be to obtain usernames and passwords for email, instant messaging, access to social networks and where possible, access to bank accounts data banks and even PayPal. course they fail to penetrate the will not know what this virus looks for sure.

Now, because the nose is so complexly protected, this may be an indication that the attackers or go for the largest lake, in fact, researchers think it could attack similar to Stuxnet, which was capable of destroying centrifuges for uranium enrichment in Iran. Stuxnet is one of the first industrial discovered virus capable of causing physical damage to a facility.

According to Lebanon, Americans are carrying a spy mission to Lebanese banks are alleged to have been helping the government of Syria and Hezbollah.

On the one hand, I can not imagine the complexity of encryption and Kaspersky fails to break, I’ve heard of complex things but this already sounds like science fiction, on the other hand, if government What prevents you from using them against ordinary users and currents? And another question: Why not used to search for drug money?

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