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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Kaspersky is developing its own operating system

Kaspersky is developing its own operating system

In continue their fruitless battle against something new viruses come out every so often, but that does not stop them also engage in other efforts such as creating your own OS. Confirmed by Eugene Kaspersky himself in the company are focused on a project of an industrial control system, or (Industrial Control System) for its acronym in English.

Obviously, that will be a multipurpose system or anything like that, but rather a specific solution. According to Kaspersky, can not be used to “play Half-Life, or edit home videos for gab in social networks”, and also can only run code signed by them. Nor will there be support for background operations or multitasking.

The latter is very important for the company, as it would be precisely focused to a maximum “tried and true”, but as stated maximum, no system is completely invulnerable. By now, they can not reveal more details for a couple of reasons, mainly the confidentiality agreement signed by all parties involved in the project, and also to ensure maximum safety so that no competition can find out exactly what they are doing. Incidentally stay away from those seeking to break with all systems.

The question that remains is: will Kaspersky able to keep up and ensure that maximum safety to speak?

Link: Kaspersky Lab confirms it is working on an operating system (The Inquirer)

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