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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Hardware News |

Kaveri AMD APUs have integrated PCIe 3.0 controller

Kaveri AMD APUs have integrated PCIe 3.0 controller

A few weeks ago AMD finally made ​​the first public demonstration of its future APU A-Series fourth generation “Kaveri” , which in its version for desktop computers will be marketed as A-7000 Series and will be compatible with the new socket FM2 + .

The new socket FM2 + has 906 pins (two pins that the current socket FM2), making it impossible to install an in a motherboard socket FM2, but if you can install an APU Trinity or Richland in a motherboard socket FM2 + , which will make this new socket in a very good choice.

AMD justifies the new socket because of the many innovations that introduce their Kaveri APU, among which are:

  • Higher yield per cycle thanks to its new micro-architecture Steamroller.
  • Higher performance per watt with its manufacturing and architectural improvements.
  • Increased graphics performance with graphical Sea Islands architecture (GCN 2.0/1.1).
  • DDR3 memory controller architecture .
  • Controller PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 (still unknown number of lines / lanes).
  • Support unified programming standard / Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA).

AMD will offer two variants of its Kaveri APU :

  • Radeon integrated graphics Kaveri “Spooky”.
  • Kaveri Radeon integrated graphics “Spectre”.

is the most powerful graphics option Kaveri, and according to data previously provided by AMD will have a power very close to the current GPU Radeon HD 7750 “Cape Verde Pro”.

Kaveri promises changes are significant, and including support bus was a vital component in improving the bandwidth between the CPU and dedicated GPU for both next-generation games, as for GPU accelerated applications based on the OpenCL API and HSA.

Link: A glimpse of future AMD graphics offerings (SemiAccurate)


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