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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Kaveri AMD APUs have major changes

Kaveri AMD APUs have major changes

future third generation known for its code name Kaveri will be released sometime next year, and according to will offer a significantly higher yield per cycle than the recently launched second-generation APUs: Trinity .

The APU provide significant changes in relation to Trinity, which we describe below:

New micro-architecture x86 Steamroller
will be the third modular x86 architecture from AMD, and promises a yield per cycle / watt from 15% to 20% higher than the micro-architecture Piledriver released in Trinity, also come with a new memory controller integrated DDR3-2133, plus have a PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0. Kaveri Steamroller possess up to 2 modules (4 cores of processing whole “ALUs”) and 2 floating point units Flex-FP third generation.

New architecture-based Graphics Core Next
Kaveri released a new architecture-based IGP Graphics Core Next released late last year with the GPU Radeon HD 7970. The IGP Kaveri will consist of two Compute Units (512 ALUs “shader processors”) with a graphic power even higher than the current Radeon HD 7750 GPU.

The IGP, as well as the IGP of the desktop version of Trinity known as Devastator code , have dedicated graphics memory (rumored to be Devastator GDDR3 included), which will be in the same package with its technology Silicon Interposer via TSV , and help increase the IGP graphics performance, very similar to that seen in SidePort technology released in the AMD 790GX chipset , also supports 4 output will display “Eyefinity4″.

New AMD chipsets Bolton
The new chipsets Series chipsets will replace the current Hudson present in Llano APU and Trinity, are still unknown new features, but little is known is that the APU will be interconnected by the bus UMI “Unified Media Interface” consisting of 4 lines (PCIe 2.0 in the ICU of Llano bus and Trinity).

Manufacturing process
The APU Kaveri will be made with the 28nm manufacturing process of GlobalFoundries .

Kaveri laptop in your version of 35W will continue to use the socket used in Trinity, so probably its desktop version to continue using the socket FM2.

It is estimated that the APU will make their appearance Kaveri during Q3 2013 (July to September).

Link: DH Özel: AMD üçüncü nesil Fusion işlemci ailesinde radikal değişikliklere gidiyor (Donanim Haber)

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