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Posted by on Jun 22, 2013 in Internet |

Kickstarter apologizes to a project that promotes misogyny

Kickstarter apologizes to a project that promotes misogyny

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has always made the news around the world through projects that get funding from an almost viral. After starting especially in projects that need a lot of development, such as Pebble , also art, and documentary. But while there are thousands and thousands of projects on Kickstarter that deserves a chance and that can be very helpful for people who are even willing to invest in the idea, he has achieved a level of knowledge of this platform by big stars, which have Kickstarter used to create films like Veronica Mars project .

In recent days we have seen some negative comments have come to Kickstarter for its passivity before published materials simply should not be allowed. Specifically eyes focused on a project that sought funds to publish a book on how to improve techniques of seduction, posted on Reddit . In this step by step guide specified men and improve their technique to seduce women. The problem was the language and purpose of this book, with phrases like “Do not ask permission. Is dominant. The book was a supposed guide to convert readers into experts in seducing women, take advantage of the weaknesses of people, playing with several relationships at the same time or even as using women for one night.

Voices against this type of material on Kickstarter warned those responsible, but with only two hours to act and that the project was over. By kickstarter operation, when a project ends and has achieved the sum of money, it automatically sends the creator. The problem is that Kickstarter did not know how to handle the situation with as little time, with two hours to decide and not just remove this project, otherwise not to allow such material.

They did nothing, and Kickstarter has had to apologize to the community, other than ban such seduction guides that do not match his idea of ​​creating a platform for funding creative projects.

The version in the cache of this project gives us more data, as initially demanded USD $ 2,000 in a duration of 21 days this season, but not only reached their goal, if not that far exceeded a total of USD $ 16.369 for 732 people’s hands. This project already has funding and do not know if eventually be published as a book, which seems to be another manual that gives a wrong idea of ​​what that dating really is.

Luckily Kickstarter has apologized in the right way, donating USD $ 25,000 to the organization against abuse and violations RAINN , which is clearly not an apology in itself, but recognizing and addressing the error, it is a good deed in helping the as possible to the potential harm done by giving voice to these “guides”.

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