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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Entertainment |

Kickstarter Campaign seeks to put in orbit spacecraft Doctor Who

Kickstarter Campaign seeks to put in orbit spacecraft Doctor Who

(CC) Capt. Tim

We are finding more and more about 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the veteran British science fiction character who debuted in his own television series on One on November 23, 1963, which was transmitted continuously until 1989, for then back into a television movie in 1996, and finally in its new series-all in the continuity-in 2005, and continues to this day.

In the landmark date, a team of fans are turning to where they created a campaign to seek funding to orbit a small shape ‘Tardis’ Doctor spaceship that looks like a telephone booth that was damaged Camouflage control (which is also a narrative to save the need for special effects).

The satellite is already built and has a GoPro Hero 3 camera to take pictures, so that the team seeks funding more than anything to board the Tardis to low Earth orbit by a rocket.

In these times there is a great commotion in England after Matt Smith, the latest incarnation of the Doctor-announced it would abandon its role, which has caused fans to be launched to speculate who the next Doctor, since the idea of the character is that each time he dies, regenerates another person with a different personality. This narrative device has allowed them to have active for decades the character, as interpreted by various actors through the decades.

Link: We’re putting a TARDIS into orbit – Really! (Kickstarter)

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