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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Economy, Venture |

Kickstarter explains their responsibility when a project fails

Kickstarter explains their responsibility when a project fails

More than anyone has suspected for some projects that appear on sites like joint financing, when in doubt that it is a scam and you guys actually keep the and not carry out the project. Would you return the money if a project fails?

That question was the one made by a journalist to CEO, Julie Uhrman, who replied with a “I would not know how to answer that,”. The issue was controversial and today the company went formally answer the question and explain how it addresses these situations.

Basically, the company says that the creators are turning to Kickstarter taking a risk, to create something ambitious, and that is a feature of the site and its basic purpose – the site would be meaningless if everything was secured.

“The work on these projects with a guarantee not work. A Kickstarter where each project is guaranteed would be the same kind of safe bet that we see everywhere, “said the company, indicating that in the traditional market, many projects never get money because of the risk they mean.

“They are those who support a project which ultimately decide the validity and value of a project to decide fund it,” says the company, indicating that they do a check to see that the project complies with the rules, but they can not fully investigate each person who proposes a project.

The head of the project is carried out is “the creator. Kickstarter is not involved in the development of the projects themselves, “they add.

Regarding the money, also the creators or those who are responsible for responding to the financiers, not Kickstarter. “If there are severe problems that prevent the developer complete your project, developers need to find a resolution. The steps include offering rebates, detailing how the funds were used and other actions to satisfy financiers, “they said.

The money is a valid question. But Kickstarter operates on trust, that system has worked relatively well and hope to keep it running, otherwise, could leave many great ideas materialize.

Accountability on Kickstartert (Kickstarter Blog)

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