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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Venture |

Kickstarter tightens its rules: “We are not a store,” say


has had to go out for some explanation in recent times about what happens to the money when a project fails . The truth is that has happened more than once that some people with a good idea or proposed deadlines then turn out to be more difficult than expected, and may not realize what they promised – especially in the field of hardware, where manufacturing devices can be complicated.

To limit this, Kickstarter added some new rules to emphasize once again that they are not a store. In stores, customers buy products that were designed and built. On Kickstarter, what is done is to finance a project, anything you buy – however, financiers often complain that the deadlines were not met and that they were not given the reward for your feedback.

Kickstarter bind all those submitting a project to add a section “Risks and Challenges”, where potential financiers explain what risks has its work so that people can judge the team’s ability to complete the project successfully.

Also emphasizes Hardware projects and product design, with the hope that users of the platform to deliver clearly have are contributing to an ongoing project that is not concrete yet.

To emphasize this, simulations were banned and images made in computer projects (must be actual photos) – if a prototype can not achieve what the team wants to show that it develops, you can not show, period. Nor can offer multiple units of a product in return, unless you give something meaningful as part of a kit or operating in conjunction with something as they deliver things this way reinforces the idea that the person is buying something instead of financing a project.

Kickstarter has grown explosively and to continue functioning in a good way requires that people understand what it is about the platform, without confusing them with a shopping site. Rules can do a little more complicated hardware propose projects or product design, but appear to be necessary to avoid problems.

Link: Kickstarter Is not a Store (Kickstarter)

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