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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Internet |

Kim Dotcom Internet fund for New Zealand if he wins lawsuit against U.S.

Kim Dotcom Internet fund for New Zealand if he wins lawsuit against U.S.

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announced a plan to help finance the installation of a fiber optic submarine cable between the United States and New Zealand, giving Internet access to citizens of that country. The money for the project will come from the lawsuit he filed against the U.S. and by the closure “illegal” MegaUpload, and also part of the income that can be achieved with the new Mega .

Dotcom Company met with to discuss the plan. The company wanted to install 13,000 kilometers of fiber cable between the United States, New Zealand and Australia in 2014, but the plans had to be canceled after the company could not get the $ 329 million needed for implementation.

Dotcom’s plan is to deliver the money missing, and then deliver the ISP internet access, and charge only to businesses and government. ISPs still charge for access to the network because it must install the “last mile” of wires and routers, but the cost would be considerably lower for a higher speed.

According to the founder of Mega, New Zealand could attract new businesses with a better internet connection. Although the approach has gained much support Dotcom, co-founder and director of Pacific Fibre, Rod Drury, said one problem in the strategy: “While I admire the plan # Megacable @ KimDotcom, there is a small flaw. U.S. permission is required to connect to the U.S. “.

And it seems that the U.S. spirits are very favorable towards Kim Dotcom projects, especially if they lose a lawsuit against you, where would the money to finance the project.

Moreover, the process of extradition to the United States Kim Dotcom is scheduled for March 2013, and in the meantime it is hoped the launch of Mega, which plans to make it more difficult – if not impossible – access by the authorities (especially Americans) to content stored on the service.

Link: Kim Dotcom: suing U.S. will fund ‘free broadband for the Kiwis’ (Wired)

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