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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Companies |

Kim Dotcom offers voluntarily extradited to the United States

Kim Dotcom offers voluntarily extradited to the United States

After the delay in the extradition of United States, the founder of issued a call via Twitter to the U.S. justice system to cancel the extradition process in exchange for voluntarily going well, thaw his assets to pay expenses representation of their lawyers.

In his account of twitter, @KimDotcom, German businessman said:

“Hey Department of Justice, we will go to America. No need to extradite me. We want to probation and unfreeze my funds to pay lawyers and costs of living “

Dotcom Kim believes that the U.S. justice system has clearly not able to demonstrate in court the offenses for which he is accused , and that’s why we have postponed the extradition because it does not want to deliver all documents that would show irregularities in the search of his mansion in New Zealand.

Dotcom ensures that came about 72 heavily armed police in helicopters, in an operation worthy of a terrorist but for someone simply accused of Copyright infringement, and joked he was lucky that his family was killed by a drone .

Link: Dotcom offers U.S. a deal (

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