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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Internet |

Kim Dotcom to Hollywood: ‘I am not the enemy’

Kim Dotcom to Hollywood: 'I am not the enemy'

Between enemies and allies, as if a conspiracy or a war is involved, the case of Megaupload has a new chapter (this gives a series for several seasons already): kim Dotocom, the controversial founder of the storage platform, has written an open letter to the film industry where he explains: “I am not the enemy.”

a good move, taking advantage of the controversy about the sentence pronounced by the judge who had armed himself if, after he said: “We have met the enemy, and is the United States” after which he had to give up case, as I told you yesterday.

Thus, in the letter published in The Reporter, Dotcom explains that he has nothing against the film, but rather has worked on to improve online storage and privacy. The letter sets out ideas like the following:

“Internet scares you (…) I’m at the forefront of the creation of interesting things that will allow creative works to thrive in the Internet age, I have solutions to your problems. I’m not your enemy … “

Dotcom’s letter clearly intends to convey to the film industry in the United States position on the allegations of enrichment for the copying and distribution of music, movies and content protected by copyright without authorization and facing why the justice system has requested his extradition to New Zealand.

Recall that the founder of Megaupload soon noted that since Hollywood has pressured the White House to the FBI initiated the investigation against him … However, Dotcom and defense have always said that Megaupload only offered online storage of data and so charged, thus ensuring not be responsible for illegal copying or violation of copyright.

Kim Dotcom to the Hollywood industry: “I’m not your enemy” (Portaltic)
Kim Dotcom’s Letter to Hollywood (Hollywood Reporter)

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