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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Science |

Knome: The software that gives meaning to the human genome

Knome: The software that gives meaning to the human genome

Knome is the name of that could revolutionize the way people work in biomedicine, as based on a complex algorithm allows to obtain genetic variations within the of a patient, related to disease or adverse reactions to certain drugs.

The company that gives its name to Development specializes in analysis and believes that as of this software, integration with high complexity tests that are performed on patients would detect genomic abnormalities in many unimaginable times for traditional medicine.

Even has the ability to terminate an individual function of a gene or a molecular assembly. But how this software can unravel the genome so accurate.

Knome software converts the raw sequence of the genome of a patient in a major report at the doctor about the risks to disease and drug metabolism. It can be run within the home network of a clinic or a server cloud (cloud).

Such developments can not only accelerate the diagnosis of the three billion base pairs of DNA that humans possess, future prevention and cure of certain diseases linked to genes, but also make them accessible to the economic, as now, a package of genome sequencing and profile of a patient does not exceed a few thousand dollars, when five years ago, Knome mism it offered the cheapest on the market price: $ 350,000.

A genome profile is currently used for two major clinical applications. Detect the tail of a strange genetic disorder and specific tumor profiling to help medical professionals to discover the weaknesses of the various types of cancer affecting a patient.

“In the future, we might reach a situation in which the doctor is able to extract the most appropriate for our specific case and that result in recommendations on drugs and related issues,” said Martin Tolar, one of the CEOs Knome project.

Link: Knome software makes sense of the genome (technologyreview)

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