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Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 in Economy, Gadgets |

Kodak loses patent lawsuit against Apple and RIM

Kodak loses patent lawsuit against Apple and RIM

The patent dispute between Kodak, RIM and Apple dates back more than a year. Initially, sued and for violating a patent for previewing images on a small screen, but then a judge of the ITC considered that the claim was valid. Kodak appealed and turned to reconsider the case, whose decision is expected for the year.

For some reason the resolution was delayed, but now gives ITC closed the issue and concludes that neither RIM nor Apple were violating the patent in question, Kodak. This is a blow strong enough for that was once a giant of photography, as it is a patent more valuable to you and which have already signed licensing deals with giants like Samsung or LG. If I had won the case against Apple and RIM, Kodak had been bagging a lot of millions in royalties.

For now, the voices said company officials intend to appeal the ITC decision, although it seems quite difficult: it is the second time it reviews the case and on both occasions the winds are blowing in favor of the defendants.

Meanwhile, Kodak will continue in their struggle to emerge from bankruptcy , to sell their patents, and pay millions in debt.

Link: Kodak Loses Patent Case Against Apple, RIM (Wall Street Journal)

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