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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Companies |

Kodak sues Apple because it allows you to sell their patents

Kodak sues Apple because it allows you to sell their patents

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Kodak is in bankruptcy , and one of its plans to sell a number of patents, which would allow it to get money. However, does not allow it, according to a lawsuit filed today by the U.S. company.

According to Kodak, Apple says it owns 10 patents that came together after work that made both companies in early 1990. The patents relate to technology that helps the owners of a to preview the picture on an LCD panel, among other things.

Are patents that are part of Kodak’s digital portfolio, which includes more than 700 patents related to digital cameras (invented by Kodak), smartphones and tablets, which have generated more than USD $ 3,000 million in revenue since 2001.

says Apple is the most infringe the patents of that portfolio, and could also be one of the buyers of these patents. “Apple’s strategy has been to use a lot of money as possible to delay the payment of royalties to Kodak,” interfering sale, the company says in the lawsuit.

Kodak claims that Apple seeks to “benefit from the difficult financial position” of the company, “will get worse if borrowers can not obtain a fair price for patents.”

The company owns about 10,700 patents in total, and seek to sell the portfolio of digital capture and digital image composed of 400 patents. The company took a loan of $ 950 million to try to emerge from bankruptcy, you should try to pay.

Link: Kodak sues Apple, Claiming Interference in patent sales (Reuters)

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