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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Companies |

Kodak wants to devote himself exclusively to printers

Kodak wants to devote himself exclusively to printers

The case it may be considered as the chronicle of a death foretold. Digital cameras killed the film camera and despite the efforts of fans and purists photo, Kodak could do little to stay alive in a declining business.

Therefore, Kodak finally stop producing rolls devote himself to business printers. To this end, Kodak sold its business divisions, one is the rolls (and some cameras) and another, that of “custom images” which are the that can be found in supermarkets and places where you print your digital photos.

Unfortunately for Eastman Kodak, which sought patents auctioned for more than $ 2,000 million, did not find an interested buyer as much, not bids raised over $250 million.

We wish the best of luck and hope that your Kodak printer line failing to offer that “extra” that make them unique, otherwise, I see complicated excel in a market already saturated by itself.

Link: Kodak Wants To Sell Film Business, Focus On Printers (Tech Crunch)

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