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Posted by on May 27, 2012 in Economy, Internet |

Korean Store uses QR codes to increase sales at lunch time

Korean Store uses QR codes to increase sales at lunch time

is a South Korean company that is similar to Walmart in other countries: a chain of retail stores with a presence in much of the country. However, it has a weakness in sales, which descend lunch time and not a little. Therefore set out to devise a formula to lift sales in that critical time and came up with these “deals soledas” combining and position of the sun at noon.

Basically, what did the creative for the company was installing these models QR codes in different parts of the city. And between the hours of 12 and 1 pm, the position of the sun creates shadows on these real sculptures, and these mixed with the relief create a QR code that when scanned with the phone to a page of special offers of the shop, which customers can take advantage of special offers and discount coupons. In addition, purchases made by phone directly delivered to the door.

And of course I only brought this promotion successful people of Emart: sales at lunch time increased 25%, were used more than 12,000 discount coupons for the promotion, and the number of members increased by 58 Emart % only in February. In addition, codes were distributed initially for 13 locations around Seoul, and you are over 36. The video below is worth more than any explanation in words:

Link: In Seoul, 3D retailer use QR codes and the sun to Deliver DURING ITS discounts only quiet times (Springwise)

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