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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Science |

Laser mark breaks the 500 trillion watts

Physicists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory broke the record for the most powerful laser shot with a collection of rays which totaled 500 trillion watts. A total of 192 rays were shot at the same time to create a single color ultraviolet reaching a 1.85 megajoules target of just two millimeters in diameter.

These numbers in perspective: 500 terawatts is 12.500 times more energy than England demanded in 2006, it was only 40 gigawatts.

Richard Petrasso, director of the division of physics of high energy density of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said: “For scientists across the nation and the world as we are looking for fundamental science under extreme conditions with the goal to test the fusion ignition, this is an extremely exciting achievement, “adding” The firing of is a great achievement by the team of National Ignition Facility, creating unprecedented conditions in the laboratory that only existed in stellar constellations. “

The National Ignition Facility is the laser research laboratory in the world’s most recognized, regularly producing rays that can carry up to 100 times more energy than could be found in any other laser. Terwatts 500 mark was imposed in the early 90′s when these facilities were just in planning and about the scientists to the goal of turning hydrogen fusion.

As information that no one need: to travel in time, according to Emmett Brown, it takes 1.21 gigawatts. The laser destroyer of the Death Star with a hypermatter reactor produces too many watts to number them but it would be something like: 2.4 x 10 to the Thirty-second power.

Link: Record-breaking Trillion Watt Laser Hits 500 (Wired Science)

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