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Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Hardware News |

Last day of Computex, AMD Late Show: Crysis 3 on a 4K monitor, # CTX2013

Last day of Computex, AMD Late Show: Crysis 3 on a 4K monitor, # CTX2013

Today Friday ended Computex 2013, and Linus, Hardware-known promoter, did not want to lose the last opportunity to approach the sector to realize ourselves demonstrated a monitor, accompanied by a brief explanation, which tells us that for run a game smoothly on a 4K enough graphics power is needed. Something that for many sounds obvious, but as good gamers and hardware, it is always nice to hear about graphics performance in games.

I had the opportunity to see a yesterday with a configuration made by AMD with the “Malta” and the top end of its PC processors, the FX-8350. We found that the can successfully run Tomb Raider, in a setting in eyefinity 5 .

In the video below (extract Spanish subtitles), Linus opens (without asking permission, he says) the chassis of the computer to show us that there was nothing special inside: no giant fan, no liquid cooling system, no overclock, is say enough good Termaltake case, the required number of fans, period.

The idea was to see how it runs at best PC AMD system. We assume that also used 8GB RAM 1866MHz AMD brand, as in the case of eyefinity 5 with Tomb Raider.

Without further ado, here the video.

Link: AMD Computex booth coverage by Linus (LinusTechTips)


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