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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Companies |

Launch children’s book with the story of Steve Jobs

A book series that seeks to teach children about great inventors of history launched an edition dedicated to the founder of Apple, called “Who was Steve Jobs?” Aimed at children of about eight years old, which account on the life and work of the late CEO of Apple.

The book illustrates some of the most important story of the man who “fought for what he was passionate about and enjoyed doing,” that on several occasions acted wrongly, however, matched with their products and eventually became one of the great figures of the industry.

Although the text does not collect any Jobs’s history, fans will be sure to appreciate this training material to teach the young about the main details of this man and the company Apple. And so begin to have a “thinking different” about this brand products using their parents …

“Who was Steve Jobs?” Only available in English, however if the language is no barrier for you can purchase both physical and Kindle format and the iBook Store under the modest sum of $ 5. Also, this consists of 112 pages and can be a great gift for children of the house to entertain playing with Apple devices from their parents.

Link: ‘Who Was Steve Jobs’ children’s book released (MacNN)

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